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Updates on our contributions to the profession of emergency management and business continuity.

Winter Preparedness
& Response

January 28, 2021

Donald L. Schmidt, CEO of Preparedness LLC, presented "Winter Preparedness & Response" for Continuity Insights’ Webinar Series. Risk assessment, preparedness for arctic freeze  and winter storms, incident management, and safety were addressed. Access this webinar on the Continuity Insights website, and download the Preparedness Bulletin.

Supply Chain Risk: Assessing Vulnerability Is an Essential Part of Business Continuity

December 2, 2021

Donald L. Schmidt, CEO of Preparedness LLC, authored Supply Chain Risk: Assessing the Vulnerability of Suppliers Is an Essential Part of Business Continuity for Continuity Insights. The Covid-19 pandemic showed the vulnerability in the global supply chain. This comprehensive article outlines criteria for analyses and highlights the value of a business impact analysis to identify critical suppliers.

Emergency Operations Plans:
Action Taken in the Initial Minutes Often Dictates the Outcome

June 10, 2021

Donald L. Schmidt, CEO of Preparedness LLC, authored Emergency Operations Plans: Actions Taken in the Initial Minutes of an Emergency Often Dictate the Outcome for Continuity Insights. This comprehensive article addresses how to develop a risk-based emergency operations plan.

Civil Unrest: Demonstrations, protests, and rioting

November 5, 2020

Donald L. Schmidt, CEO of Preparedness LLC, authored “Civil Unrest: Demonstrations, protests, and rioting” for the Risk and Resilience HUB. This paper addresses the potential for civil unrest, weapons and tactics, vulnerability and risk assessment, security and life safety, response to civil unrest, and workplace violence. Read the  Preparedness Bulletin on Civil Unrest.

NFPA 1600 2019 Edition: A Resource for Every Toolbox

May 31, 2019

Donald L. Schmidt, CEO of Preparedness LLC, authored “NFPA 1600 2019 Edition: A Resource for Every Practitioner’s and Auditor’s Toolbox” for the launch of the new Risk and Resilience HUB website. The article was also distributed by the Continuity eGUIDERead more … For more information on NFPA 1600, check out our NFPA 1600 resource page.

“Business Impact Analysis: Vulnerabilities, Loss Potential and Mitigation”

April 30, 2019

Donald L. Schmidt spoke at RIMS2019, the Risk & Insurance Management Society's annual conference, on the value of the business impact analysis (BIA) to risk management. He explained how the BIA identifies vulnerabilities and opportunities for risk mitigation. He also addressed how the BIA provides a methodology for quantifying business interruption and prioritizing the recovery of business operations. View the presentation.

“NFPA 1600 “Standard on Continuity, Emergency, and Crisis Management”

April 3, 2019

Donald L. Schmidt presented to the Cambridge Fire Department’s Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), which is comprised of public safety, schools, and business and industry within the city. The presentation addressed elements of emergency management, business continuity, and crisis management and how NFPA 1600 can be used to enhance their resilience efforts. Download the presentation.

“Practical Tips for
Continuity Planning”

Donald L. Schmidt presented “Practical Tips for Continuity Planning: From Impact Analysis to Executable Strategies and Plans” to the Safe+Ready Instituteʼs 2018 Virtual Summit. Topics including project management, planning scenarios, risk assessment, business impact analysis, continuity strategies, resource needs, plan development, incident management, and implementation were covered. Click here to download the presentation.

Strengthening Your Program by Auditing

February 13, 2018

Donald L. Schmidt and Harvey Betan, presented “Strengthening Your Program by Auditing” at DRI's 2018 professional development conference in Nashville. Project management, collecting “evidence,” corroborating information gathered, and using objective criteria to identify program gaps was covered. Click here to download the presentation. Be sure to check out Preparedness, LLC's audit guide and bulletin “Auditing Your Preparedness Program




NFPA 1600