Emergency Management

Establishing a capability to safeguard life and protect property and the environment.

Our Solutions

  • Needs assessments
  • Emergency operations plans for commercial or in-house printing and in digital format for display on computer screens and tablets
  • Employee emergency procedures handouts
  • Training for employees and team members
  • Protective action drills including evacuation, lockdown, and shelter-in-place
  • Orientation, tabletop, functional, and full-scale exercise development, facilitation, and evaluation
  • Emergency management program reviews using codes, standards, and regulations as criteria

“Preparedness, LLC developed a comprehensive, emergency operations plan for our portfolio of Class A office buildings in the USA. The plan is well organized and easy to navigate—especially the digital version with its hyperlinks. The Incident management forms, checklists, and annexes for building and resource information are highly useful. These new documents have substantially enhanced our preparedness and compliance.”

Stuart Gordon, Sr. Managing Director
Metzler Real Estate

“Preparedness, LLC conducted safety and security audits of dozens of schools. The assessments were very comprehensive and reports provided specific guidance. Their interactive process for development of emergency planning documents enabled my office, police, fire, and the school district to provide input into a highly professional and easy to use document.”

Richard E. Ferreira, Director,
Taunton Emergency Management Agency

“I wanted to thank you for your work designing, facilitating, and evaluating the “active shooter” exercise in August. It provided an excellent opportunity for our officers and command staff to train, test, and evaluate our ability to respond to a school-based shooting. The after-action report that you prepared is very professional and will help with our continuous improvement.”

Kevin Coppinger, Chief,
City of Lynn Police Department

Gunshots are heard. The fire alarm sounds. An employee is suffering chest pains. A tornado warning is broadcast. The list of potential threats to your employees, facilities, and operations is long. Can you respond quickly and effectively? Seconds count. The actions taken in the initial minutes of an emergency often determine the outcome.

Preparedness, LLC can develop an emergency management program for your organization and customize the program for individual facilities. We begin by assessing the threats that could injure people, damage property, or contaminate the environment.

We assess the availability and capabilities of personnel as well as systems and equipment that can mitigate hazards. We meet with public emergency services to determine their response time, knowledge of your facility, and capabilities to manage an incident at your facility. Then, we present response options so your management can decide the functions of the emergency response organization and the level of response. We then design emergency organizations making best use of personnel resources and public emergency services.

We develop protective actions for life safety including evacuation, shelter-in-place, and lockdown as well as "run, hide, fight" for "active shooter incidents. We write procedures for response to medical emergencies, fire, explosion, hazardous materials spill, utility outage, severe weather, earthquake, tornado, and hurricane. We address security threats including intruders, abduction or kidnapping, protests, and disturbances. Acts of terrorism can be perpetrated in many ways, and we write procedures for bomb threats, suspicious packages, and active shooter scenarios.

Emergency Operations Plans

Our emergency operations plan documentation includes flowcharts for each type of hazard or threat. These flowcharts graphically present response actions, step by step. Each flowchart is supported by a facing page that highlights precautions and roles and responsibilities assigned by functional titles and Incident Command System titles. Printed as "flip-books" these easy to use plans allow an incident commander to quickly assign tasks, evaluate criteria specific to the incident type, and develop an incident action plan. The content of our flip-books is customized to meet the specific needs of each client. We engage commercial printers to produce high quality, custom products designed for usability and durability.

Complementing our emergency operations plans, we also produce smaller flip-books that are designed to be posted in each office, work area, or classroom. These flip-books provide safety and security policies and concise emergency instructions including notification procedures, protective actions for life safety, and first aid.

We provide all documentation in electronic format for access on a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. Information is easily accessible with the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger navigating quickly to the page that is needed.

Training, Drills & Exercises

Your emergency organization's policies and procedures are only as good as the ability of personnel to respond effectively during an emergency. We conduct classroom training to familiarize personnel with the nature of each threat, the emergency response team, and their role and responsibilities as defined in the plan.

We design, conduct, and evaluate drills to train members of the emergency organization and building occupants so they know what to do when there is an emergency. We design and facilitate exercises with scenarios that are specific to your facility, threat profile, and emergency response plan that will challenge your thinking, enable you to better use your plan, and identify weaknesses in your program.

We can also evaluate your emergency management program to determine whether it complies with regulatory requirements, conforms to our National Preparedness Standard; and addresses the threats that may injure people, damage property, or interrupt operations.




NFPA 1600