We teach at the graduate level, for state government, and for professional certification. Let us put our decades of real-world experience to work enhancing the knowledge, skills and abilities of your teams.

Education & Training

Our Solutions

  • Customized training conforming to national standards and professional practices
  • Case study and activity-based training catered to adults that learn by doing
  • Curriculum development to meet regulatory and certification requirements
  • Protective actions training for employees
  • Program development training for coordinators, leaders, and team members
  • Train-the-trainer programs for program managers and team leaders
  • Orientation, tabletop/discussion-based, functional, and full-scale exercises

Training is essential so members of emergency response, business continuity, and crisis management teams can execute plans and procedures. Training is also essential so employees are aware of their responsibilities for loss prevention, safety, and security as well as what to do during an emergency.

Training creates awareness and is needed to enhance the skills required to develop, implement, maintain, and execute programs. Awareness is required of everyone so they understand their role in prevention and mitigation as well as response to and recovery from emergencies. Awareness includes understanding company safety and health policies and procedures, fire prevention program, hazardous materials management plan, security program, vital records program, and others.

Numerous regulations specify training requirements particularly for employee safety and health, loss prevention, and emergency response activities. These include Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations and National Fire Protection Association standards. In addition, training is required by model fire prevention codes and local ordinances. Business continuity training is specified in professional practices and within industry standards.

Preparedness, LLC can help you develop a comprehensive training program for all employees. We can develop baseline training on protective actions for life safety including evacuation, shelter-in-place, and lockdown. We develop employee awareness programs that cover loss prevention, safety, and security. We develop training programs for members of emergency response, business continuity, and crisis management teams customized to your hazard profile, company policies, and program plans and procedures.

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